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Currently available versions:

Version Webstart Applet* JavaScript embedding EOL
N36(stable,webstart) Yes.png No.png No.png November 2018
2400 (stable,webstart) Yes.png No.png Yes.png November 2014
2250 Yes.png No.png No.png August 2014
2170 (experimental) No.png No.png No.png --
2144 Yes.png No.png Yes.png May 2014
2126 Yes.png No.png Yes.png February 2014
2082 (experimental) No.png No.png No.png --
2020 No.png No.png No.png Discontinued
1983 No.png No.png No.png Discontinued
1939 No.png No.png No.png Discontinued
1912 No.png No.png No.png Discontinued
Yes.pngSupport offered on a best effort basis
No.pngSupport offered on a low priority best effort basis

The developers of GenomeView offer a limited best-effort support for recent versions free of charge. Unfortunately, as this is a free product, we cannot guarantee anything. If you need a guaranteed service level agreement, contact the project manager and we will work out a solution.

We intend to provide one year support for newly released versions.

EOL: End of Life: After this data we cannot guarantee that this version will continue to run. Files may be archived from the server and so on.

If you need continued support for a particular feature or version past its EOL, you should contact the project manager for more information. We can work together to find a solution.

Note: Since March 2013, the support for the applet version has become a very low priority. There are too many platform/browser compatibility issues and we have too few resources to deal with all of them.