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Step by step instructions on what to expect when starting GenomeView for the first time.

Prerequisite: Java 6 Make sure you have Java 6 or more recent installed. You can test which version you have installed at http://javatester.org

Step 1: Click the Web Start button

Click the orange 'launch' button Webstart.gif

Step 2: Select Open With Java Web Start

Once you click the orange launch button, you will likely get a pop-up that asks you with which program you want to open the link.


Agree with what the pop-up windows ask. If you're unsure, detailed instructions for various browsers are available.

Step 3: Waiting for GenomeView to start

Once you have approved our digital signature, GenomeView will start loading, you will see the following screens without any further input.

Step 4: Success!

You have now successfully started GenomeView!